Shri Karachi Cutchi Lohana Narayansarovaria & Lakhpatiya Mahajan

Is a Trust registered under the MPT Act 1950. Conceived in the year 1962, by our forefathers to provide free housing for refugees who were the victims of the 1947 partition. Most of these ill-fated refugees had nothing more than a pair of clothing as they entered India. The Trust constructed 130 houses, in four buildings, in Mulund, one of the Green suburbs of Mumbai, to provide shelter to 500+ people.

SHRI KARACHI CUTCHI LOHANA NARAYANSAROVARIA & LAKHPATIYA MAHAJAN is managing these 130 homes hosting needy Kutchi Lohana with a minuscule and highly subsidised contribution from the residents to fulfil statutory government payments.

We, the Kutchi Lohana community being very hard-working started working from ZERO & built something from nothing. In 70 years, four generations of Kutchi Lohanas stood as one community and displayed unity. We developed the culture of hard work & respect for the needy. We have grown and spread across each & every part of the world as a successful KUTCHI.

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Why Us ?

We launch this website to call upon the Kutchi Lohana Community whose forefathers came to INDIA as victims of the partition. Our mission is to find RESOURCES to continue our Kutchi Lohana legacy. We call upon honest and selfless, community members to join hands with us and help in any KIND! Using technology for humanity lets all come together and support our brothers & sisters from four generations and HELP THEM GROW too.



Our vision is to build an ecosystem for the community, so each member learns to create SOMETHING from nothing! We aspire to help all members Grow. As we become successful, we can bend down and uplift others & help them GROW too!


Our mission is to come together & GROW by using community resources to create more sources and make each community member INDEPENDENT and successful. As we accomplish this we can spread this mission to other communities too.


We work as a team. There are no hierarchical or designation barriers. We do insist on our tradition of respect for age, knowledge, and EXPERIENCE. With a vision to reach Kutchi Lohanas worldwide, we have a disciplined core team dealing with administration and legal issues, along with experts and pioneers with digital and technological experience.

Census Form

Our last census connected 850+ families and 5000+ members using technology; we are updating the same. When the base is strong in no matter of time, we will build a digital community. Would you please add your family details?

Details of Family Head

We need Volunteer

"FOR THE COMMUNITY BY THE COMMUNITY" is our vision and so we need members of the community to join us. We look forward to connecting all Kutchi Lohanas from all over the world to come forward and offer a helping hand.

We need professionals from any field, expertise in any form, and a groundwork team to join and help us fulfil our vision to accomplish our mission.

Join us now